Frequently Asked Questions

Get Informed

Do I have to have played football before?

UBWFC is an all exclusive place and no prior experience is needed. We have 3 competitive teams and one social team so whether you have played your whole life or never before there is 100% a place for you at UBWFC.

Where does the money I pay for my membership go?

We review our membership prices every year and we believe they are reasonable and realistic. The money from your membership helps pay for facilities, transport, referees, our coaches and training sessions.

What is the social aspect of the club like?

We love our socials almost as much as we love the game. We dance our socks off at our weekly Wednesday night socials and sing our hearts out to our pres songs (if you don't know get to know). Throughout the year there a sober socials and themed events so get your fancy dress collection growing.