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Development vs Banana FC (17/10/20)

Last Saturday, the development team arrived at the Bristol Brunel Academy for their first match of the season against Bananas. Thanks to rona, the commotion had started days before the match with changing problems and transport arrangements but Lucy had everything under control like a pro.

The match was off to a great start with Liv in goal after an 8 hour shift in ‘satan shoes’. We started off with a strong 3-2-1 formation with some new faces in the defence and strike. Bananas initially dominated the game and we were put under pressure but we had a strong defence, some beautiful clearings from Eliza in the back and amazing saves from Liv. Bananas definitely had it out for Eliza, leading to multiple freekicks. Many shots were fired towards the goals from the Bananas, fortunately, none went in thanks to the strong tackles by our defence and some mind-blowing saves by Liv. Eliza took an amazing shot on goal but unfortunately the ball found its way to the goalie. Many corners were saved by the Bristol Queens. Eliza’s AMAZING clear brought it to the end of the first half.

The second half commenced with no goals from either of the teams. We changed up the formation to a 2-2-2 to push forward and attack more. Bananas were putting a lot of pressure and fired multiple shots at goal unfortunately one of their attempts was successful. 1-0 Bananas. Bristol kept their heads up only to put even more pressure on attack. Some amazing passes were being played around the opposition. A great opportunity was created with a nice run from Jas, but they gained possession again and the referee proceeded to get smashed in the face with the ball (poor ref). Luckily Banana’s aggressive plays gave us multiple free kicks. Finally we were able to capitalise with Ina managing to land the ball in the net just in the last minute of the game!!! Full time 1-1.

Player of the match: Liv Goodwin

Dick of the day: Miss Rona

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