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How Joining UBWFC Changed our University Experience


Kat Biggs, 2nd team captain

Hi, I’m Kat and I have been part of the UBWFC family for the past two years. Having never properly played 11-aside football before starting University I was really nervous to join the club. I still remember walking up to Coombe Dingle for trials feeling completely out of my depth however as soon as I got to the pitch the girls were so welcoming and made me feel at ease. I started off on the bench in the second team and from there have developed and grown as a player over the last two seasons and am now captain of the 2s. Training with the girls three times a week, you quickly get to know each other, and you soon start to feel like a family. My favourite part of the week are Wednesdays as everyone is hyped and pumped heading off to their matches and no matter the outcome, we all come together as a club at the end of the day with smiles on our faces ready to sing ‘Last Request’ and ‘All I Ask’ at the top of our lungs. Another highlight of my year is the annual UBWFC Christmas dinner hosted at Racks which sees the whole club come together to enjoy and evening of good food and good company.

Over the last two years I have seen the club grow and develop into the club it is today. From the different themed socials to training in the pouring rain on a Friday evening, I’ve loved getting to know the girls both on and off the pitch. UBWFC has definitely been a highlight of my time at university and I’m just glad that I get two more years of it!

Lucy Matthews, Social sec and 3rd team player

Joining UBWFC was without any doubt the highlight of my first year! The club was so welcoming and helped me really find what I loved about uni and made me stick it out! I joined not having played football for the past 6 years and felt right at home, so whether you play every week or have never played before you’ll definitely find a place within the club! The weekly socials were a great way to get to know people in the club and to extend my fancy dress wardrobe (and there will be many more of them...) Some of the funniest moments were had at training and matches and it’s always fun to have a bit of a competition midweek! I can’t wait to get back playing, dressing up like a fool and welcoming brand new faces!!!

Lucy Pilkington, Development Captain

Hiyaaaa, I’m Lucy I’m currently captain of the development team at Bristol. So last year I came to uni never really having played a sport properly before and I knew that with my uni lifestyle of lots of going out and lots of pizza I needed to get involved in something to counteract that, however, as I had never played football competitively or seriously before I was extremely worried about what to expect coming in at such a beginner level. However, my worries were quickly put to rest when I went to my first give it a go session and absolutely loved it. The girls were so welcoming and warm and made me feel so at ease with the fact that I wasn’t experienced in the slightest. I was encouraged to play a match straight away even though I was convinced I wasn’t good enough; however, I did and haven’t looked back since and have had the most amazing year in the club. Not only are the dev girls amazing but the club as a whole are so welcoming, no matter what team you’re in. I’ve had the most amazing first year in the club and cannot wait for this year with them, if you’re thinking about joining then I could not recommend it enough!

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