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1s v Hertfordshire 27/10/21

Bristol wins 1-0 after a good fight against Hertfordshire. Some game highlights include close calls on our half such as a header missed by Leah which almost risks us a goal as it passes through into the box. Good interceptions by players such as Leah which led to some good combinations between Rosie and Lizzie. Our goalie makes a good fingertip save from a low shot from the left side of the pitch. Kat gets shoved down in the penalty area whilst waiting for oppositions corner. Rosie does a good job defending the corner at the near post and then Nancy and Web clear it out of our box. Great attempt to shoot by Lynn, hits crossbar and Lizzie gets the rebound. Unfortunately, the opposition’s goalie catches it. Another good run and ball by Liv but no connection on the other side. Lynn continues to show her intensity and aggressively with a few good slide tackles. Great balls by Steph. The goal for Bristol was as follows: one great goal from Lynn as she received the ball in the middle on the top of the opposition’s box, her shot was powerful and in the upper part of the box.

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