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3s vs Gloucestershire 3/11/21

Wednesday started off slightly chaotic for the 3s as we were dropped off at a questionable pitch with no flood lights, scary changing rooms, and no toilets. It was later, having spent about an hour at the lovely Cheltenham Tesco’s, that we realised we were at the wrong pitch. Transport was then sorted out by team captain Hollie, and we finally made our way to the correct pitch.

The match started off with the 3s as the stronger team on the pitch, in a 4-3-3 formation and keeper Emily in goal. An amazing first chance created by Bita on to striker Maya was unfortunately met with a great save by the Gloucestershire keeper. After a few minutes, Gloucestershire scored the first goal of the match with a lucky shot, which was also their first chance. Heads held up high, Bristol fought to get back into the game. A high press from Hollie led Gloucestershire to lose the ball high up the pitch and Marita, with a wonderful strike from outside the box, scored the equaliser. Gloucestershire somehow, after a series of unfortunate events, got the ball in the back of our net again. This completely undeserved goal left Bristol losing with a score of 2-1 at half-time.

Bristol made their first and only sub of the night at the start of the second half, as the other team’s captain whipped out BUCS rules to emphatically demonstrate that rolling subs were not allowed. Nevertheless, Bristol started off strong again looking for the equaliser. Having changed to a 4-4-2 formation, we seemed to be in control of the game. Bad luck struck us again as our centre back Bita suffered a calf-injury after an amazing tackle leaving us with only ten on the pitch. Getting back into the game after the drama, Georgia took a beautiful shot on goal which, unfortunately for us again, hit the crossbar. Gloucestershire took advantage of their extra player and scored their third and fourth goal against us. This last goal resulted in a girl getting injured after she celebrated as if she thought she were Cristiano Ronaldo scoring in a Champions League final.

Following the last goal, with spirits running a bit low, a thrilling last 20 minutes saw Bristol getting back into the game when the team beautifully linked up in mid-field to set Marita up for another amazing strike from even further outside the box. However, with Bristol a player down and Gloucestershire's high press, Gloucestershire managed to sneak in their fifth goal.

5-2 and only ten minutes left, Bristol scored again! After a rebound from another one of Marita’s shots, Zoe smashed the ball in. The match ended shortly after, with Bristol dominating the ball in Gloucestershire’s half of the pitch. And so, despite the 5-3 loss, spirits were high from the commitment shown by the whole team having played half the match with one less player and having scored our season’s first three goals.

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