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2s v Aberystwyth 3/11/21 by Anna Bowes

After a long journey, Aberystwyth arrived at Coombe Dingle ready to take on our second team. The sun was shining and Bristol spirits were high. A strong start led Bristol to an early goal, just a few minutes in, paving the way for the rest of the game. Aberystwyth struggled to penetrate the Bristol midfield and defence leaving them unable to retain much possession. Using the speed of Ella and Liv down the wings, Bristol were able to score more goals with some great crosses. By half time, Bristol were 6-0 up, with goals from Lily, Alice, Ella, Liv, Noa, and even a birthday goal from our captain, Jo!

After a very successful first half, Bristol did not take their foot off the gas and continued to dominate the game. Our defence were able to push up to the halfway line as our attack continued to press high. With few substitutes and an injury Aberystwyth were outrun. An early goal again in the second half set the tone for another great 45 minutes. Opportunities from some excellent through-balls and passes down the wing from our defence and midfield were taken advantage of, leading to a final score of 11-0 Bristol to Aberystwyth, the first win of Bristol second this season.

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