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2s v Cardiff 17/11/21 by Serena Malone

As the sun began to set on a brisk evening in Cardiff, the mighty UBWFC 2s were ready for a win. With an unfortunate result after the match of the season against Cardiff, we knew what was at stake and the passion and desire for a win was burning through us all. The whistle blew and the first half commenced. Both teams were off to a strong start. Cardiff had a few breakaways in Bristol's half, but there was nothing to fear as we had the safest hands in Bristol. Our incredible goalie Alexia Perry saved each and every shot without hesitation. One could argue a Welsh curse was placed upon our 2s captain Josephine O’Driscoll as every amazing shot taken somehow just skimmed the goal by inches every time.

Whilst the first half demonstrated some amazing football, the score remained 0-0 to both teams. However, Bristol knew they hadn't travelled 54 minutes, missing a significant proportion of the Karaoke pres, to draw or lose. Bristol knew a win was in sight. Thus, the second half began and Bristol’s star striker Marita Clarke was through on goal after an incredible pass from Kaisa Ilmari. In that moment, it was as if the world stopped spinning… the ball bounces off the left post, just missing the goal and gasps can be heard across the pitch. But, hope was not lost as the determined striker took another shot and slots it into the net, making the score 1-0 as Bristol take the lead. With only a few minutes left, the girls defended with all their might to keep a clean sheet and successful they were!

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